Five Everyday Home Cleaning Tips


Hi everyone! I have had lots of questions about how I keep my house clean with a busy kiddo, a busy life and well two dogs and a husband. I thought long and hard about this question after I LAUGHED out loud at how anyone could think my house is always clean! Let me assure you, it IS NOT! The images you see on my Instagram are sometimes in the moment and sometimes, in the moment with all the clutter and mess just outside of the picture angle! I try my best on a day-to-day basis, but it is a constant battle without a doubt. So, I will preface this post that we do have a housekeeper who comes every other week and does a deep clean as well as washes all the sheets.

Honestly, I grew up in a cluttered home and the older I have gotten, the more it has bothered me. But, i just try to implement systems and try to teach E. I will also admit, my husband is more of the neat freak than I am (its the engineer in him). So, here my 5 simple home cleaning tips that do help me stay sane and have our house more clean on a daily basis. So, let’s dig in.



1. Designated Drop Zone: This is a must even if you don’t have kids. You need that place where you literally drop all the things. This keeps you from having all the things everywhere! We have two places as you walk in our garage door: 1. The entry table. This is where the mail gets dropped, keys, wallet, my purse and anything else on my hands; 2. E has the art cart.  Our art cart serves as the place where E’s backpack goes as well as any other things she has brought home from school. The art cart sits next to our staircase, which has E’s shoe basket, so backpack gets put down and then shoes come off and immediately into the shoe basket for the next day.  As soon as E walks into the house, she knows to immediately take off her shoes and put them in the basket. She does this now without asking and also will do it at other people’s homes as well. It is very handy so that shoes are not lost throughout the house.


You do not need a fancy built-in cabinet with hooks and cubbies to make this work. Just pick an area and use what you have around the house, maybe you repurpose a front closet to be a drop zone, or throw up some command hooks next to the door. Ya’ll, I have seen so many pinterest drop zone inspiration images if you need a little help creating a useful space like this in your home.  Even if you are kid less, I think a drop zone is still essential. A place to set your mail, phone, purse/brief case, and more without having it cluttering your kitchen countertops is a home cleaning tip I can stand by for sure! From our entry table, mail then gets divided according to its purpose (bills upstairs, coupons in the coupon holder, etc…)


2. Pick up all Toys before bed: E has two areas where she has toys: downstairs living room and upstairs playroom.  We have a rule in our house, if they toys are not put away before bed, they go to toy jail and you have to earn them back out.  Seriously, I have a large clear plastic bin that I go around with at night and scoop toys into. When she is missing something, she comes and asks where it is and 99% of the time its in toy jail.  She can earn it out by helping with something around the house, trying a new vegetable, putting everything away the next night, etc…


Also cleaning up the playroom floor is a must. Sure, there are plenty of times it doesn’t happen, but for the most part, it is part of our nightly routine before she goes to bed.  It makes the morning much more enjoyable for her (and me) when we can walk into a fresh, clean playroom/living room. I have bought some cubbies from Target and some baskets and then she has some open shelving as well. It blends into my living room and keep the toys pretty much neat.  I will say, that is she has some elaborate lego setup or Peppa Village set up and is going to play with it the next day, she is allowed to keep it out as long as she asks and its confined to the corner.

 3. Keep Drawers & Cabinets Organized: You will notice there is a theme going on here—the use of bins, baskets and more to help me stay organized on a daily basis. I highly recommend checking out Lindsay’s posts on organization if you love the sound of more organization of well, all things! But I digress….

I adhere to the old adage “a place for everything and everything in its place.” When your drawers and cabinets are organized, you ensure that things are where you put them and it helps the control the mess I promise!

In our pantry, you will find labeled canisters and baskets that hold certain food items. Our bathroom cabinets/drawers are also organized with the use of bins for skin care, hair care and more. The master closet utilizes the same thing. You can read more about my master closet organization post here. I am a fan of the Dollar Store for bins/baskets and well, Amazon of course.


4. Vacuum Daily: Ok, I know this sounds like a chore, but if you at least do the high-traffic areas, you will save so much more time and less dust. We have a Dyson and I love it, but my real hero is my Shark Ion robot vacuum.  Seriously, this was my Christmas gift last year and its worth every penny.  (The hubs did a ton of research and choose this one based on price and reviews).


Our dark wood floors show crumbs easily, so part of my night-time routine after the dishes and countertops are wiped down is to turn on the Shark and let is just do its magic on our downstairs. However, I admit, that vacuuming is one chore I do not mind! It is instant gratification for me to see the clean floor and doesn’t take long and I tend to vacuum to relieve stress (my husband knows I’m truly stressed when the steam mop appears on a weeknight). Just saying, if the floors are dust and crumb-free, it makes the house feel really clean to me. We also have a dog door, so Chloe and Sophie tend to bring in leaves and such on the daily.


5. Kitchen Countertops: Perhaps this is just me, but I cannot stand a ton of stuff on my kitchen counters. If one thing says cluttered and unclean, its stuff just laying out.  My husband, well he doesn’t mind it like I do.  We do not have a ton of countertop surface area, so when it’s all covered I tend to get a tad edgy and start putting stuff away. This extends to our kitchen table since it’s in the kitchen. I try to have all the papers, arts and crafts items and clutter put away before I turn the light off in the kitchen. That way when I walk into the kitchen in the morning, I feel nice and relaxed, not overwhelmed with mess and clutter. Our kitchen table serves as the art station, my husband’s work station, my craft corner, you name it… But when it just is covered in paper and stuff, I start to get hives and go on a purge!


I know these are super simple things and nothing earth-shattering, but nonetheless, they are the keys to my sanity and keeping some sense of organization during the week. What do you do? What tips do you have? I am always looking for ways to improve and help keep stress at a minimum so send me your favorites!