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When we bought our home, I knew I wanted two things: 1. a big kitchen; and 2. a big master closet. I was honestly spoiled by the closet we had in our townhome, but low and behold, we found a house with a good closet. So, its not perfect, but between Pinterest and a couple trips to the Container Store, I have made it my own. So, although I am now pro, I am giving you some very helpful master closet organization ideas.

1.PURGE: The first step to any master closet organization is to PURGE. I know everyone says this (and its very Marie Kondo), but it really does make so much sense. So, when I decided to really dig in, I did a major purge before the organizing ever began. I literally went through every item of clothing one by one and decided what to keep, what to donate and what just needed to be thrown away.

I donated a ton of outdated clothing, shoes and jewelry items from my side. The hubs also did the same (thanks babe). A good tip…Items that you have not worn in a year or don’t fit you properly anymore, should go. I will admit, it’s not really hard for me to let go of items, but for others it may. Why let it take up space when it could either benefit someone else or make room for something better. For those items that were still in-style or very nice quality, I sold on the local Facebook buy/sell page. Let me tell you, purging beforehand made such a difference and made organizing everything so much easier from the beginning.  I highly recommend doing this before you begin.

2. Get to Organizing: After purging, we started our master closet organization with the largest section of the closet…the hanging clothes for myself (and my husband). I admit, I had a ton of dresses that I just did not wear, but continued to let them hang in there taking up precious space (on my husband’s side). So, I decided I would get my long-hanging down to just what could fit on my side and what was practical. I also picked up more velvet hangers. I have slowly been converting to them over time.

Then the organization begins. I started with my tops. All the tops are sorted by color and then by style. So, my tops are arranged sleeveless to long-sleeved, left to right if that makes sense. So for instance, we start with red tank tops on the left and then move into longer sleeves, ending with long sleeved white/cream tops on the right. This master closet organization idea has made mornings SO much nicer.


On the bottom row, I have my skirts, pants and blazers/jackets. I go from left to right beginning with slacks and ending with blazers. Currently, my more winter blazers are nearer to the middle of the rack and those very summer/spring ones are pushed to the back of the closet (i.e., linen, seersucker, white). I am also in the middle of converting my skirt and pants hangers to these ones. They are so light weight and take up like no room at all.


My jeans are all folded and placed in a basket on the shelf between my tops and pants/skirts. I like being able to see them and having easy access to them to throw on after work or on the weekends.


3. Long Hang: We do not have s ton of long-hang space in the closet, which is the only downfall. So, I have commandeered both of the long-hanging sides of the closet (sorry honey). I used to have dresses on both sides, but after some purging (see above) I have gotten dresses down to one side and long sweaters on the other side. Lucky for me, the hubs does not have anything long to hang!


4. Drawers: Next on our master closet organization, we move over to my drawers. I know that Marie Kondo likes to roll everything, but I do not. I do, however, highly suggest drawer dividers. In my drawers, I keep bras and socks in one drawer, panties and hosiery in another. I have pajamas in one drawer. I have swimsuits and cover ups in a drawer and then sweaters/shorts in another one. (Sweaters during the winter and shorts during summer). I also have a drawer that holds casual cotton tops that are not t-shirts. The top two drawers hold jewelry, my extensions (odd I know) and watches. I have workout clothes and t-shirts in a dresser that is in our bedroom.


5. Shoes: I used to keep all my shoes in their respective boxes. They were torn, battered and well had seen better days. So, I invested in clear shoe boxes from Container store. I can see my shoes, they keep clean and organized. I have my boots on the top of my closet and use these boot shapers. I keep flip flops and cheaper flats in fabric boxes in the built-in shelves (as well as cardigans).


6. Purses: My purses are mostly held in the organizer on the top of the closet. I would love to have the clear acrylic organizer, but alas, I cannot afford them! I also have some hooks that I use to hang my cheaper and imitation bags.


7. Jewelry: As I said earlier, I have some of my jewelry in the top drawers of my chest of drawers. The rest is displayed. I have a necklace tree that I picked up at Michael’s a long time ago as well as a bracelet holder. I also have my nail polish up there (mostly to keep it out of E’s hands).

displaying all my  Stacked Jewels

displaying all my Stacked Jewels


8. Hubby’s side: The hubs’ has significantly less clothing. He is also pretty boring when it comes to clothes, so its polos, jeans, khakis and button ups. He also has all of his shoes stored in the shoe cubby. We also have our suitcases stored on his side as well as my summer clothes. I keep shorts, tanks, maxis, etc… in a clear plastic container so that it’s accessible (because you know Texas weather).


I am 100% confident you can implement some (or all) of these master closet organization ideas into your own home. Most of these tips are affordable and easily doable, it just takes a weekend and some motivation. Imagine your closet if you purged it, color coded and organized everything. It has definitely helped de-stress my mornings and well, its just nicer to look at.

Here are a few of the things I used in my closet:


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