Five Minute Makeup


My morning rush is nothing short of epic—and even on those days when I think I’ve got a lock on the whole I-look-awesome-nothing-can-stop-me-now thing. Ya’ll, I learned a long time ago that less is more when it comes to lots of things—especially makeup. I used to spend forever on my makeup. From the perfect smoky eye to meticulously concealing every blemish I could find. But let’s face it— The modern woman isn’t exactly sitting around with nothing to do. (Free time? What’s that?) So, why waste all that time on your face, when you really only need about 5 (or 10) minutes.

So, steer yourself in the right direction with my give minute makeup tutorial that’ll totally save you on those hectic days where your morning has totally escaped you.


Step 1: Wash, moisturize, prime. You can see my entire skincare routine here.

Step 2: Foundation. You can check out my favorite foundations here.

I use the Real Techniques foundation brush and either Makeup Forever or Becca foundation.

Step 3: Conceal (under eyes, above lip and blemishes)

Step 4: Blush. Find a nice shade that complements your skin tone. Corals and pinks are best for almost all skin tones. I love Orgasm by NARS, its just a good shade for just about anyone.


Step 5: Eyes—prime, crease, lid, highlight

Super easy steps and works with any eyeshadow. Darker shade for the crease, lighter shade for lid, white/light pink for the highlight and inner corner of eyes and blend. Nothing fancy, just four colors, sometimes less.

Beauty Counter Romantic

Beauty Counter Romantic

Beauty Counter Statement

Beauty Counter Statement


Step 6: Eyeliner and mascara. I just line the upper lash line. I rarely use black unless its night time. Stick with complimentary shades to your eyeshadows, i.e., purple, brown, blue, grey…

People as my about lining under the eye or in the wetline. If you have small eyes, putting dark liner in your wetline will make your eyes look even smaller. So, for day, no. Sometimes if I am going out at night I will add a dark green to my wetline. The only time I do color under my eye is a bronze or the same color shadow as my lid. Lining your whole eye is not necessary and often makes you look older.

Step 7: Set with powder.

Step 8: Eyebrows. Ladies, do your brows!!! If you only do two things—mascara and eyebrows. They literally are the frame for your face.

Step 9: Setting spray. You can skip this step. But I am at work all day so I like the extra step to make sure it all stays.

And there you have it! Here are all the steps in on lovely video


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