TBB Asks: Relationship Edition

It’s the first of month, so that means another round of TBB Asks, and this time its all about relationships. How apropos considering its February. So, sit back, relax and get to know more about me.


1. Who is your oldest friend/how did you meet? Lord, so my oldest friend is sweet Kristin White Westafer. We met in Miss Lingo’s first grade class and she moved to Florida shortly thereafter. However, we remained friends turned penpals until well into high school. We totally rocked the Lisa Frank stationary and sent letters and presents back and fort for years. I actually went to visit her for Christmas in the ninth grade and then we reconnected when I made a trip to Georgia back in 2013.

2. Tell us about circle of support. Who are your people? Ya’ll when they say it takes a village, they are no joking. I have a great group of moms who have known me since birth or high school or college and they are my total support. I love my blogging community. I have made the best friends who listen to my rants, who answer my texts at all hour and are there cheering me on. P!nky was the matron of honor in my second wedding, Jenn is my girl and I am so glad I got to see her wedding and Jess, well she has been there from the beginning.

Also my family. Roro is the best and comes almost every weekend to hang out with E and loves spending time with her.

I also have my fitness besties. These women are with me every day as we try to help other women get fit and build our own businesses. We literally chat all day long to each other.

I also have am awesome group of friends from middle school that I still keep in touch with. We are pretty much family and even though we do not see each other often, its like time never stops when we are together.


3. How did you meet your partner? Funny story… I met the hubs at Chimy’s which is a local taco place and bar. I was invited to happy hour by the person who introduced me to my first husband, and well the rest of history… Or maybe not. We bumped into each other at the gym and just hit it off from there.

4. How is Valentines Day celebrated in your home? We usually do a dinner at home now that we have kids. I usually get Valentine cards and goodies for my kids and husband and keep it simple.

5. What is your love language? I am Acts of Service and Receiving Gifts.

6. Do you prefer receiving flowers or chocolates? Chocolate. Flowers are fun and I enjoy them, but def chocolate.

7. What is the most meaningful gift you have ever received or given? Wow that is hard. But this will sound odd, but the first Christmas the hubs and I were together, he got me a kitchen tool that I use every year to make his favorite cookies. Its a pastry cutter and he just heard me say it in passing and voila, it showed up! Silly I know. For him its the koa wood watch I got him on our honeymoon. Totally surprised him and grabbed it when he wasn’t looking.