10 Tips to Get Motivated


As the days get longer and warmer I have less desire to get things stuff. I would much rather enjoy the sunshine outside with my sweet girl than conquer all the tasks at hand. However, despite my dream where all the things magically get done, I still have to be productive. So, here are 10 Exercises or Ways I Improve My Motivation!

10 Exercises To Improve Motivation

  1. Self-evaluate - Does the task at hand really need to get done now and why am I unmotivated to do it? Is there anything I can do to counteract the lack of motivation?

  2. Two-minute Rule. - Getting started the hardest part, so I implemented the 2-minute rule. I commit to the task for 2 minutes. 99% of the time I just keep going.

  3. Gratitude List - Often when I feel unmotivated or stressed I find that when I sit down and write 10 things I am grateful for, I clear my head and see how small the problem at hand seems.

  4. Physical Exercise- Ya’ll know I love to sweat our my anxiety, stress, frustration, well it should be no surprise that it helps with motivation too. You should get your body moving for 30 minutes a day. The release of endorphins does wonders for the mind.

  5. Affirmations & Quotes - This goes along with my gratitude list, but when I find motivation lacking I look to words that inspire me. Whether written or in song, I turn to them to repeat them in my head and out loud. Have a mantra, a theme song, something that you know gets you pumped up and in the right state of mind.

  6. Writing. No prompt. Just write. Free writing is so cathartic and has a calming effect. Do not stress over what to write just put ink to paper and let your mind release.

  7. Reverse Psychology - Yup. If it works for the kiddos, it can work for you. Just tell yourself that you are going to make the most of it and get to work. I always remind myself that the sooner I am done with X, I can get to Y (which inevitable is something more fun or a nap).

  8. Vision Board - If you are struggling to be motivated with that big goal you set for yourself—map it out. Its amazing how much focus can come from simply putting all those visions and dreams onto paper to see.

  9. Pomodoro Technique — This approach was my savior in law school. The idea is to reward yourself with short breaks. So, you work for 25 minutes and then enjoy a 5 minute break. It forces you to break tasks up into smaller 30 minute chunks and avoid brain fatigue.

  10. Make it Fun - I know its been said and you probably can hear your mom saying clean you room, we can make a game of it. But its so true. Changing your mindset about any task can immediately make it seem less daunting. Can you make yourself see how fast you can complete the task? Enjoy checking things off a list? Find something that makes it more enjoyable for you. I mean Mrs. Doubtfire made mopping to music famous.

So, how do you find the will to get tasks done when motivation is lacking?