Essentials of a Working Mom


Working mom, as a label, refers to a woman who is a mother and who works outside the home for income in addition to the work she performs at home in raising her children. However, as as well know all moms are essentially “working.” All mothers have a job in raising their children to be productive members of society.

Nonetheless, the “traditional” working mom has different needs than say a mom who only works inside her home. She is tasked with juggling not only the needs of her own children, but the needs and demands of her work. This often looks like doing double duty. As a working mom, I am always looking for ways to keep my everyday routine in check—I need things that save me not only time, but my sanity. Here are my “working mom” essentials.

Lawyer & Lifestyle Blogger, Lynn Winter, shares her essential items that every working mom needs to survive. #workingmom #momlife #workingwomen


1). A Support System. Ok, so all moms need this, but for those of you who work outside the home, you especially do. You need those people that you can count on to share the carpool duty, pick up your kid when your meeting runs late or watch your sick one when you CANNOT miss the hearing you have scheduled. You need people who pray for you when you are overwhelmed and stressed to the max. You also need a tribe that forces you to happy hour so you can talk about something other than dirty diapers, teething, pre-school woes. Find yours.

2). Planner/Organizer/Calendar App. If you think you don;t need something to keep you organized and scheduled, you are crazy mama. With so many obligations pulling you in several directions its imperative that you have something to remember it all. I mean, do we recall the one time I almost missed E’s dance performance at school? All phones (smartphones or basic phones) have calendars. Use it. Not your jam? Go old school, have a paper planner, or a large one on the wall at home, or like me have all of the above! Find a system and use it. And, if you aren’t parenting alone, sync your calendar with your partners. Make sure you both know who is in charge of what each and every day.


3). A housekeeper. I know its a luxury, but its so worth the investment. The last thing you want to walk into at the end of a long week is a crap-ton of dishes, 800 loads of laundry and a mess everywhere. You deserve to come to a home that’s clean and fresh after a grueling day at work. Hire a house cleaning professional! I am not saying they come every day, or even every week. I have someone come twice a month. She washes our sheets and cleans the whole house top to bottom. Once a month she picks one thing and does a total deep clean (baseboard, windows, etc…). I also highly suggest a robot vacuum. I run that puppy every night and it helps keep the crumbs and dog hair to a minimum.

4). Go-to Style. I know this sounds odd, but I do not have enough time to stand in my closet for hours deciding what to wear each day, then spending another hour or more on hair and makeup. So, I adhere to my 5 Minute Makeup Routine (yes, you can look flawless and professional in 5-10 minutes). I also have a pretty well-organized closet and a good capsule wardrobe. Most of my pieces are timeless and go well with one another, so it truly makes getting ready in the morning efficient.


5). Mom Bag. Also known as your purse. I searched high and low for the best bag to haul all my stuff around in. And by stuff, you mamas know what I mean. No longer do I have the days of just carrying my wallet, a phone and a lipgloss. Nope, now I am toting around my planner, wallet, snacks, extra shoes, socks, panties (for E); oftentimes I also have my laptop and extra shoes for myself. And if you looked in my bag right now you would also find deodorant, coupons, birthday invitations, product samples and my business cards. See what I mean? Get a good bag that will withstand the trends of time and the test of motherhood. I have this Frye’s bag and swear by this purse organizer.

Other things I can live without, but these 5 things are essential to surviving the working mom life.

What are the mom items you cannot live without?