How To Use Pinterest To Explode Your Blog Traffic Like Crazy

Starting a blog was one of the best decisions of my life. It has allowed me an outlet for creativity, a place to vent and brought me some my closest friends.

I’m SO glad I did, but the beginning of Dispositive Motion was a little rocky, I’m not going to lie. I actually started blogging back in 2011 when I am not sure Pinterest even existed. I took time off to change jobs and have a baby, but I missed it.

So, last summer I relaunched, re-branded and started again! I blogged and blogged, and tried to rely on social media to manually promote my posts (since SEO takes time to actually make a difference), but it was incredibly time-consuming (of which I had no more time). I tried many different strategies and read every post known to man. I spent my days on Instagram and Pinterest and my traffic was slowly growing, but I knew that if I really wanted to make it, I’d needed more. In walks Jenna Kutcher. Ya’ll, she is the social media guru and well, I just love her and her body positive attitude. But, I listened to her and started implementing some steps to up my blogging game and it all began with Pinterest.


After reading so many posts about social media scheduling tools and how great they were, I decided to try Tailwind. 

Tailwind is Pinterest-approved, and allows you to automatically schedule and post your Pins to your own boards and group boards. The algorithm tells you in great details when your audience is engaged, so you know exactly when to send those Pins you worked so hard on creating.

It also tracks likes, new comments and repins, and measures post success so you can identify top-performing content.

I was skeptic at first, but it gets rave reviews so I thought – why not

 My Pinterest stats before Tailwind

Before Tailwind, my average monthly viewers on Pinterest floated around 0-2,000.  I was trying my best to manually pin at the right time and repin my most popular content the best way I knew how. I also just did not know what to pin and how to pin for the best traffic.

before pinning.PNG

My Pinterest stats after Tailwind

After I installed Tailwind, created board lists and scheduled some of my posts, my Pinterest monthly viewers grew to 10,000 in only one month. What???

That’s a million % growth, which is insane. I could have never gotten those stats with manual pinning, unless I spent my entire day in front of the computer, pinning like a crazy and seriously, who has time for that?

I had to take a screenshot because I was convinced that it was just a phase and that my stats would drop, but nope! Still growing strong!

This was taken at the end of January.

This was taken at the end of January.

This was taken Monday. Holy growth!

This was taken Monday. Holy growth!


So, your Pinterest reach obviously varies every month (and this is totally normal), but it’s been over 53.9k and now its over 100k, ever since I started using Tailwind. And its so darn easy to use.

See, the magic of Pinterest is that it works like a search engine. Your pins have the ability to be seen time and time again, unlike a single Instagram or Facebook post that will fade after a few days. By using keywords, a few hashtags and eye-catching graphics, you can lock people in. With Tailwind, I can schedule a couple weeks worth of pins in a few minutes,

How Tailwind works

The Tailwind app lets you generate your own weekly pinning schedule. You can choose how much you’d like to pin every day – I pin about 5-10 times per day, of my own content and others’ pins as well – and you can customize the days and times you’d like Tailwind to publish for you.

What I really like about the pinning schedule is that it knows exactly when your pins receive high engagement and will suggest key Timeslots for you to add to your schedule. You can add or remove slots, or generate a new schedule anytime you feel like you need to.


What is even better is once you install Tailwind’s extension to your browser of choice (works with Safari, Chrome and Firefox), you can start scheduling pins from anywhere and any site! You can schedule pins in Tailwind directly from Pinterest, from blog posts or online stores.

You can pin single images or repin in bulk! Pins appear in your queue and then get posted automatically to the boards of your choice, according to your schedule. It saves me SO much time! It takes me about 1 hour once a week to schedule my content and help other bloggers grow by scheduling theirs as well.

Ya’ll, Tailwind is honestly my favorite blogging tool. It pins for you while you do everything else and for a full-time working mama, its a dream. Oh, and did I mention that is can connect with your Instagram and Facebook and you can schedule pins from both of them? It also allows you to schedule Instagram posts, but I have not explored that option yet. 

Tailwind features to help grow your blog

The dashboard displays a weekly summary so you can quickly see how many repins, domain pins and new followers you gained in the last week. And the Insights section has so many tools that allows you to see even more analytics.


Profile performance allows you to see how many followers you currently have and how many new followers you’re getting every day.

Board Insights looks at your boards and group boards so you know which ones are working out for you. You get a complete look at each board and their numbers: pins, followers, repins, virality score and engagement score.

Pin inspector lets you see every thing you have ever pinned and how well its doing, so you can reschedule your most popular content with Tailwind. You can also analyze your blog domain and see the latest images that visitors pinned from your blog, how many pageviews and visits you got from Pinterest.

Tailwind also allows your to join Tribes, which are groups of pinners with similar interests that agree to repin your images. You submit pins to the tribe and other people do the work for you!

I also love SmartLoops. Think about all that content you have that is timeless or those posts you did during the holidays? Do not recreate the wheel… just add them to a SmartLoop. This is Tailwind’s newest feature, which allows you to schedule and loop your Pins automatically to a bunch of boards of your choice.  Once the selected pins have been posted to each board in your custom list, Tailwind will loop them and post them again… and again, and again! This allows you to stay active and consistently post on Pinterest in auto-pilot, no need to re-schedule your content manually! This gives your pins a new chance to be seen every time they’re reposted, so you can get more traffic to your website! This is great for posts that are good no matter the time of year, i.e. beauty, makeup, organization, workouts…. Tailwind lets you choose between an Evergreen loop (to continuously reschedule your pins that are great year-round) and a Seasonal loop (for holiday content like Halloween, Christmas or Easter, so you can set your desired start and end dates).


Pinterest is now my number one source of traffic and I know Tailwind has been playing a big part of it. It’s an amazing time-saver and scheduling tool that top bloggers use to stay on top of their social media game.

If you too want to reach more people, get more visitors to your blog and grow your traffic, you can sign up to Tailwind for free and see for yourself how it can help you with your online business! You’ll get your first 100 for FREE!

I am not being paid for this, I just have fallen in love with Tailwind and had to share! Anyone else use Tailwind and love it?