Weekending: Disney on Ice

Sharing our weekend including our trip to Disney on Ice. #weekending #disneyonice


I wish I did not work on Friday, but since I do, how I spent mine was glorious. I have been coaching a team of 8th graders from a local school in a fairy tale mock trial. Our trial was The State v. Alexander Wolf (i.e., the story of the Three Little Pigs). The 8th graders made up the teams for the state and the defense and put on a trial in our courthouse using 3rd graders as the jury.It was a hoot! My kiddos did a great job and managed to get the wolf off scott-free! I mean, he did have an allergy to sticks and straw and was just looking for a cup of sugar to bake a cake for his girlfriend Little Red Riding Hood after all.

Friday night we headed out to dinner at one of our local favorites, Charleston’s. E loves their mac & cheese and they have the best honey-buttered croissants in the world.

Then we headed home for a family viewing of Frozen for the millionth time.


It was our usual routine of teaching dance and twirling. With our recital coming up in May, we are working on finalizing and cleaning routines and just getting our kiddos ready to perform!

After dance, E and I baked. It has become kind of a ritual. She loves to bake. She also loves her sweet Daddy and wants to be near him all the time.


She has been totally into numbers and math lately and all into her Usborne Wipe Clean books. She got this math one on her last book box and has been all over it.

While the hubs ran some errands, E, my mom (RoRo) and I ran some of our own. We purchased a couple of new Disney movies and a new princess outfit for Sunday. We got Snow White and Beauty and the Beast.

Then I met the hubs at World of Beer and ate dinner with him and watched Texas Tech advance to the Final Four! Tech is where I did law school, so it has a special place in my heart. I left the hubs and came home and watched Snow White with E and RoRo and then got into bed.



A couple weeks ago, my mom messaged me about Disney on Ice coming to our local arena. So, we loaded up the car Sunday afternoon and headed to Dallas for Mickey’s Search Party!


Ya’ll, the show was so amazing! The costumes, the performances, and of course the music was all so well-done. E’s favorite was Ariel. but then she got to meet Moana and she about died. Also, she has been requesting to wear her hair down lately (like Rapunzel) and it makes her look so grown up!

After we made it home, we all were tired and needed some naps! It was a great weekend and now here we are in April! That means my sweet E will be 4 in just 9 days!! How time as flown!

Hope you all had an amazing weekend. Linking up below.

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