Favorite Swimsuits for Summer

Swimsuits. I know, no one wants think about that word in mid-April; however, we all have to wear them at some point. And, we all know it can be quite the daunting task to find one that works for your body and that covers all the essential parts and stays put!

As a mom, I also need something that doesn’t move when I am throwing a kid around or chasing down a pre-schooler at the Zoo Splash Pad!

The pool and water in general are HUGE parts of our summer routine since you know we love in the 100 degree all summer long, so feeling comfortable in a swimsuit is a non-negotiable. So, here are some of the trends and some of my picks for swimwear this summer!


Must Haves for Swimsuits for Summer

Easy to move in, fits correctly, and most important—makes me feel good.

This is the main thing ladies. No matter what style, color or cut you choose, if you do not feel confident in it, it shows. So, stop pulling and fidgeting and looking around to see if eyes are watching you—chances are they aren’t—those mamas are too busy worrying about their own body image issues (which is a whole other post).

High Waist Bikini

I bought into the high-waist trend last year and immediately wondered why I did not hop in board earlier. Gone are the days where high-waists looked frumpy and well let’s face it, like a diaper. Nope, they are fabulous! I can chase a toddler, bend over and even sip poolside without fear of something coming out. They’re still on trend this year and I have found cute ones in every price range.

This one is from Amazon and I love it and get so many compliments on it.


One Piece

All hail the one piece swimsuit! I admit in my 20s I thought a one-piece suit was just about the most heinous thing I could put on. Enter my 30s and my post-baby years and hello one piece!

I am so glad they have made a comeback and are cuter than ever. From the halter to the one-shoulder design, I love a goof one piece for beach or play. I love the plunging necklines as long as they cover the nips and have some padding that is…

But, this one shoulder striped one is just too die for. I bought it last year after Brittany got it and I am in love.

I have this suit from  here .

I have this suit from here.



I live in Texas and spend quite a few hours at the pool and in the sun each week during the summer, so my skin needs to be protected. And here we are with the newest trend—the rashguard. I have been putting them on E since she was born, so why not match. I am so glad rashguards have become super cute and trend for the beach this year.

The one piece with rashguard will be wonderful for our end of summer beach vacay when E wants to swim at the crack of down and its still a tad chilly….



This self-confessed 90s lover is super excited that all the retro trends are in. Fashion is cyclical and this includes bathing suits. Think classic Baywatch style with a modern, sporty twist. You can expect the resurgence of 80’s and 90’s style swimsuits to be all over this summer season.

Oh, and is that a belted suit you say? To accentuate my waist? Why yes, please I will take two. Taking it back even further, the belted swimwear trend is wonderfully reminiscent of the 60’s and 70’s. In 2019, however, it is done in a new, contemporary way. A belted bottom becomes the focal point of your swimwear look and it emphasizes your curves and the small of your waist.


Which of the swimsuit trends of 2019 are you looking forward to most?

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