Baby Gifts that Moms Actually Need


The baby season seems to have hit us. My bestie just gave birth to the cutest bouncing baby girl last week and I am just over the moon ready to spoil that precious chunk and her sweet mama. I also have several friends who are pregnant with their second baby and one of our sweet dance teachers who is about to pop with a gorgeous baby girl any minute now.

New moms receive so many repeat gifts most of which go unused. To make sure you bring a newborn gift that impresses the new parents, here is a list of unique new baby gifts. Each of these gifts is gender neutral making it even easier when you’re buying for those that either chose to keep the sex a secret, or when you want the gift to last for more than one baby.

Baby Gifts Moms Actually Need

Boogie Wipes – Seriously, these are AMAZING!! You want these wipes in your diaper bag, your purse, medicine cabinet, you name it, you need these. Babies have snotty noses—all.the.time.These wipes are super soft and gentle and won’t leave that unsavory chemical taste on baby’s hands and face. Plus, they have saline to help keep little noses clean when wiping away dry boogies and snot. Definitely add these to your essential baby stuff list.


Baby Tylenol – That first fever is scary and let’s face it—unpredictable. You do not want to be unprepared for this one. Babies get fevers, its inevitable, especially if they are going to daycare. E had her first one and her first trip to the ER within in the first week of daycare.

Thankfully, most of the time it’s nothing too concerning, but when you have a cranky and hurting baby, you want to have meds ready to dig out of the cabinet. Check this off your newborn baby shopping list while it’s on your mind. Oh, and its great for teething.

Gas Drops – Another thing you do NOT want to NOT have. Even in the first few weeks, babies get gassy and may need a quick middle-of-the-night dose to settle little poor tummies. Don’t wait until your first stressful event of not having these drops to buy them. Get them now, you won’t regret it.

Gripe Water – Same idea. Gripe water is great for when you have NO IDEA why baby is crying. Which can happen…A LOT! A lot of babies love this stuff. It’s gentle on their tummies and the taste really helps them reset when they are inconsolable. It’s also pretty effective for those obnoxious, sleep-interrupting hiccups. Go ahead and have it ready to grab in the middle of the night when nothing is working to soothe your little one. I also loved Colic Calm. E was debatable on whether or not she had colic, but man gas drops, gripe water and Colic Calm were amazing!

Bath Wash – I realize that everybody gets baby bath wash and shampoo as baby shower gifts, but have you ever read the labels on those popular name brands? Those chemicals are not something we want soaking into our babies’ sensitive skin. I’m not sure why they are “the” thing to buy. Instead, use something natural and safe. I LOVE Beauty Counter. It’s simple, natural, and and is free of all those chemicals and bad things that no one wants! Oh, and you are supporting a small business each time you purchase. 


Sound Machine – This is something E still sleeps with! I guess it’s not a fun gift to give, but when you’re a new parent there’s nothing more fun than getting SLEEP. Unless your house is somehow silent (no pets, no cars driving by, no creaky floors or loud flushing toilets) you will NOT regret buying a sound machine. It helps lull baby to sleep and that soft noise near Baby’s bed helps them sleep through background noise. This would actually be a really good practical baby shower gift if ya ask me.

Bandanna Bibs - Ya’ll, these are the best! Babies drool… and spit up and generally just drool. Bandanna bibs are a lifesaver. I have been in love with these ones from Gigi’s House. They are cotton on the front a soft flannel on the back. They are super great to give as gifts.

Swaddle Blankets - I know that everyone gets these, but they are just great. And nothing beats a super soft Bamboo cotton one. Soft, snuggly, and perfect for so many uses.  Swaddle your baby tight for that secure, cozy sleep time, drape over car seat or stroller for protection from the elements, or lay out on the floor for play time.  So many uses, you'll always want to have one on hand.

Stress-free baby gift giving from Gigi's House.

And speaking of the perfect gifts for moms… Gigi’s House has become my favorite for gifts moms want and need and is the best for stress-free gift giving!

Every order comes with a gift bag, tissue, tulle and a gift tag so it's all ready for you to wrap up and give as a gift.  You just let them at checkout if your gift is for a boy or a girl and they will send blue or pink tulle. Or, both if that mama is keeping a secret!! And, you can take 20% of your order with the code Lynn20 at checkout!

Stress-free baby gift giving from Gigi's House.

What are the must-have baby gifts or items you give to new mamas?

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