Friday Favorites: Easter Basket Gift Guide

Easter is right around the corner, and I don’t know about you, but I am excited to fill my little one’s Easter basket with all kinds of goodies!

Easter is arguably one of my favorite holidays. It marks the Resurrection of the Lord and a new start. Easter signifies new life and for most of us, the onset of summer.

While, we are not the biggest candy-people, we always put a few in E’s basket, but it is also filled with other fun treats. Oh, and have I mentioned that baskets in our family are not just reserved for the kiddos? Nope, I have been making an Easter basket for my hubby and him me since we began dating. We aren’t huge on candy or chocolate over here, and usually use Easter as a spring board for Summer. Here are 10 different Easter basket ideas for kids and the grownups.

Easter Basket Ideas for Kids

Most of these can be found on Amazon, in case you are so inclined to Prime.

10 Non-candy ideas for your toddlers Easter basket? Don't want to give them candy? Check out these awesome non candy Easter basket ideas for your toddler. Functional Easter gifts

Here are links to the ideas above. What is your favorite thing to put in an Easter basket for kiddos? 

  1. Flip Flops

  2. Bubbles

  3. Fruit Snacks

  4. Crayons

  5. Personalized Water Bottle

  6. Swimsuit

  7. Paint Dot Markers

  8. Water Balloons

  9. Books

  10. Summer shoes

Easter Basket Ideas for Men

  1. Boxers. Every year I get him some cute printed boxers from Old Navy.

  2. Beer. I think its no secret that my husband is a craftbeer fan. This local one from Rahr is his latest treat. I mean, he did write an entire post all about it.

  3. Batteries. Because, duh.

  4. Coffee. The man loves and needs his, so I grab his favorite Starbuck’s pods for work.

Easter Basket Ideas for Women

  1. This book. Hands down, every woman needs to read it.

  2. Joggers. All of them.

  3. A maid. Or just someone to come deep clean the house once.

  4. Water Bottle.

Now, inquiring minds want to know— Do you engage Easter baskets with more than just your kids? Do you egg your yard? How do you celebrate Easter?