The Secret to Surviving Mother's Day

I am writing this as I sit at my kitchen table dressed in shorts and tank top, sweating my a$$ off. I am drowning the day in a hunk of carrot cake left over from dinner last night. I sent my kid to bed with a dose of benadryl and a let’s try again tomorrow. This is motherhood.

Mother's Day a bust? You are not alone. But, I am sharing the secret to surviving Mother's Day--hint, hint... its involves wine. #mothersday

Now, for all of you ladies reading this that a magical day filled with gifts, brunch, and children that treated you like a queen, revel in that. Enjoy it!! Praise b. For those of you that decided that next year for mother’s day you are just going to get a room at the local inn—sign me up.

The day was not all bad. I mean besides waking up to the sound of the smoke detector because you sweet kiddo and her grandma tried to make cinnamon rolls and ended up burning them because they forget about them totally. And I was given sweet cards from my hubby and E (along with some Sephora gifts cards). The hubs then proceeded to make me an omelette and bacon and toast. I grammed it only for it to fall to the floor moments later as the dogs jumped on my lap while playing….

With that I decided I just needed to go back to bed. So, I propped myself on the couch with Hallmark and set in—surrounded by two dogs, E playing on the iPad and my husband going in and out of the door a zillion times. Finally I got up to go for a run. The weather was glorious! Sunshine, 70 degrees, not a cloud in the sky! Until I tripped over a rock and bit it in the gravel and mud. Game over.

Oh well, only my prided was wounded. I got home rinsed off and took E to her twirling lesson, where she proceeded to just not want any part of listening. But, you know what? I did not care one bit! We left the lesson and headed off for pedicures. Finally—peace.

The rest of the evening just begin to spiral downhill rather quickly. E was tired. Hubs was frustrated because E was tired and whining. E wanted salmon for dinner so hubs mad salmon. E then boycotted said salmon. All I wanted was the leftover pizza in the fridge.I subbed that for a big ole glass of wine.

Then I headed upstairs to get E’s clothes for the week picked out and get a bath to discover the A/C was out. It didn’t even have power to read the temp. Great.

I bathed E was the hubs investigated the A/C. I get that he is an engineer, but he is not an electrical engineer, so I begged him to call his best friend who just happens to repair A/C.

Meanwhile I bathed a whining, tired, stubborn E and dried her hair as sweat poured down my back. She was tired and upset and managed to spill the entire bottle of finger nail polish remover on the carpet in my closet… At this point I just wanted to give up.

I got E to bed. Hubs’ friend arrived and we might get our A/C back…

The point of all this is not for pity or to gripe or complain, its to say that Mother’s Day is just that another day that we get to endure the ups and downs of motherhood.

As I am sitting here at my kitchen table drinking another glass of wine and finishing the cake, I can’t help but laugh. How else would anyone want to spend today other than surrounded by the crazy kiddo who made me a mama?

empty cake

I realized that this pretty much sums up the life of a mom–moments of beauty interspersed with a lot of chaos, laughter and wine.

So, the secret to Mother’s Day? Next year I am getting a room, feel free to join me. I kid—I know I am truly darn blessed and life could be so much worse, but sometimes you just have to laugh and see the beauty in the funny moments in life. Hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day!

mother's day quote

And in other news, Saturday was dress rehearsal for dance, and I will just leave the cuteness right here for you. Teaching dance and twirling makes my heart jump for joy and I just cannot wait to see these ladies take the stage next week!