Common Myths About Your Post-Partum Body

Common myths about post-partum health debunked.

How many times did you hear after you had a baby, “it takes time to get back to normal,” or “oh, that’s just what happens after you have kids.” If you do not have your hand in the air right now and you have birthed a child, you are lying my friend.

Women are told so many things about what to expect after having a baby and guess what? Most of it is wrong! We have been lied to by doctors, friends, social media, etc… because no one wants to talk about pelvic health.

Well, hold onto your panties because today I am debunking the 8 common myths about your post-partum body.

Having a baby is hard enough, but dealing with post partum health and fitness is even harder. Women are given so much post partum advice, but no one tell you its not normal to pee yourself after having a baby. Click to read the common myths about your body after baby and how to take care of your pelvic floor. #postpartum #postpartumrecovery #postpartumcare #pelvicfloor

8 Common Myths About Your Post-Partum Body

1. Sex after babies is painful. False. Sex after babies should not be painful. Yes, it may feel different, but if you are experiencing painful intercourse talk to your doctor!

2. Oh, its totally normally to pee yourself. Again, false! Yup, shocking I know because darn it if I didn’t just leak all down my leg during my morning workout. I mean how many of you literally have to cross your legs and squeeze for dear-life when you have to sneeze to avoid the inevitable pee drips? Yup. It is is not “normal.” It is a sign that those muscles in your pelvic floor are weak, or prolapsed or that scar tissue from your episiotomy hasn’t allowed you to rebuild those muscles! Go see a pelvic PT. This can be corrected.

3. My abs separated (diastasis recti), so I will never be able to do ab exercises. So not true! You can still do ab exercises, just need to make sure you do them the correct way and the ones that are safest. This is an amazing post by Pelvic PT Lacey Welch.

4. In six weeks, I will be back to my old exercise schedule. This is the biggest myth I told myself. News flash, after 6 weeks that last thing I wanted to do was exercise and I sure as heck wasn’t running 4 miles a day. Your body has literally just pushed a human out of it. It will never feel the same. Exercise will look different. Things shifted in flight… give your body time to heal.

5. As long as baby is head down, my labor and delivery will be a piece of cake! Bahaha. I wish. You know after E was head down since 30 weeks and then I was in labor for 21 1/2 hours and had two epidurals…. So many other things can happen. You may not progress fast enough, baby may be lodged under your pelvis, be sunny-side-up, or your may not be able to push baby through. Ask questions of your OB. Be prepared for all possibilities.

6. I have three bowel movements a week, that’s enough, right? I mean is it real motherhood if we aren’t talking about poop? But, ladies, you should be eliminated waste at least once a day! I know. I swear there are times it would be a good week with nothing. But think about all that waste just sitting and building up and what is it doing? Pushing on your pelvic floor! Causing those muscles to weaken and let all that pee out! Make sure you are hydrated! That means getting half your weight in ounces of water everyday. And eat that fiber!

7. All I need after baby is someone to bring me food… said no mama ever! You need so much more. A piece of your body just left your through a very tiny exit. YOUR BODY NEEDS REST! Let’s repeat this for the ladies in the back. YOUR BODY NEEDS REST! You need to be laying down, off your feet when you can. You need to be holding baby properly so you are not straining. You need to be getting nourishment, a potty break, and real human interaction. Let you family, friends, church group, neighbor I do not care who HELP! yes come fold my clothes. Yes bring me food. Yes watch my kiddo so I can sleep. Yes hold the baby while I shower and blow dry my hair. Yes to all the help!

8. I’m too busy to use my body the right way. I get it. The baby begins to cry in the middle of the night and your mom-life reflexes shock you into existence and you jolt out of bed. But it is so bad for your body. It is so important to learn how to move your body the right, no matter what stage of life you are in, but especially while your are pregnant and post-partum.

If these 8 myths had you nodding your head and thinking yup, I totally thought that, I highly suggest you look into seeing a pelvic PT. I attended a seminar put on my Lacey called Under the Womanhood and I feel so much more educated and I have an appointment with Lacey this month. This post is in no way sponsored, I just was empowered to take control of my body after hearing her speak and felt compelled to share this information with other women and mamas out there. Lacey has some wonderful information on her website and Instagram, so check her out.