Weekending: Dance Recital Weekend

This weekend was one for the books! Beastro. Dance Recital. Photo Shoot. Neighborhood Cookout! Let’s recap.

Weekending: Catch up on my weekend of dance recitals, photoshoots and neighborhood BBQ! Lifestyle & Wellness Blogger, Lynn Winter.


Hubby and I headed out to the Fort Worth Zoo for its annual fundraiser: Beastro. Think all the fun of the zoo, but with unlimited drinks and food!

Fort Worth Zoo Beastro

We strolled the zoo in search of all the best food from around Fort Worth! All our favorites from B&B Butcher, Eddie V’s, Heim BBQ & more! We hung out with friends danced to some amazing live music and turned into pumpkins at 10pm.



I was up bright and early at 6:30 to prepare for recital! I grabbed coffee and bagels and headed to the high school at 8am. WE began setting up and getting ready for two performances and over 350 kiddos to perform!

My babies all came looking adorable!! And we were finally ready to take the stage at 11am when the power went out. Yup. HUGE storm rolled in and lightening took our power out. Soo… what do you do for 45 minutes backstage with babies 18 months to 4 years? Well, you bust out all the goldfish you have, find a recording of Bubble Guppies and sing and dance to baby shark for the entire time.

Finally, we regained power but had no house lights, or spotlights and man we had some tired peanuts, but…. they powered through!!


And when it was all over… we did it again! E and my other babies were in the second show, and if you saw my stories Saturday, they knocked it out of the park!!




After the second show we all headed out for food and well drinks! We needed it! After all that rain and storm and adversity, we looked out at the restaurant and saw a full rainbow. Talk about good omen.



I slept in. It felt good and then I was up and a mad cleaning woman! Ya’ll, my house looked like a tornado went through it. I had sequins and feathers and rhinestones galore. I had muddy paw prints, dust and just a week of chaos. I quickly cleaned and then headed out to Dallas to help a friend with a photoshoot for her new clothing boutique Feather Together.

She has some amazing clothes and I did a little sneak peek that you can see over at 2 Trendy in Texas today! Oh, yeah, these ladies are taking over my Instagram today!! Karen and Kristin went to school with me and are the sweetest best friends, mamas, wives you could ever meet! They love shopping and a good bargain, so check them out today!

After the photoshoot, I drove home for our neighborhood cookout. Every year our little neighborhood has a block party. We all gather and eat and drink and the kids play and its amazing! They had a bounce house and it was so much fun.

E also got in a little of her favorite summer past-time—waster balloons.


I hope you all had an amazing weekend!! For those of you who caught Karen & Kristin in my Instagram stories and want links to their finds, I will get them up later today! But, please go check them out today where you can find me!

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