Best of/Worst of May

I cannot believe that May is already over and June us upon us. If I am being totally honest, I am just not ready for summer. I have about one too many things on my “to-do” list and one too many things on my “want to-do” list. But alas, here comes summer.

And, if you missed my announcement, in order to combat the aforementioned one too manys, I have declared June the month of No Stress. If you want to join my no stress and relaxation challenge, click on over and I will send ya weekly tips and tricks!

But now, let’s recap the best of and worst of May.


Best of May

Dance Recital! E danced in her second recital and did wonderfully! I also had my first baby class dance as well as my baton twirlers. The day was long and we lost power for a but, but it was magical.


Beastro. Yes we wined and dined with the animals at one of the hottest events in Fort Worth. It was such a fun evening with hubby and friends.

The Tree That Was. We had an enormous oak tree in our tiny little yard that was about to take out the sidewalk and was keeping the grass from growing. We finally had it taken down and the change to our house is amazing! Now for landscaping.


My TV News Debut! If you live in DFW then you may have seen me talking about the passing of a new Bill that will criminalize unsolicited lewd photos via electronic media. It was an amazing experience to tell my story and get to put a face behind something.

WFAA TV bil would criminalize sending unsolicited lewd photos

Not So Best of May

The Weather. Lord have mercy on this poor Texan. We have had rain and by rain I mean buckets of it all month long! Oh, and the tornado warnings… I am over it. Thank you, next.

Busy. Gah, I hate that word. But the truth is, I have been so busy at work. I have about a million things due and they are all important and my brain just has not been able to turn off. Hoping June brings some slow down.

Our sweet teacher left. E’s pre-school teacher left her school to move onto bigger and better, but I admit the transition has been rough. She was amazing and took so much passion in loving her kiddos and knowing each and every thing about them. With her gone, the kids have gone a little nuts and its shown with how wound up E has been in the evenings.


Depression. Mine is rearing its ugly little head. I could blame it on the busy or the work or the one million things on my plate, but honestly I think its a little bit of feeling unsettled. I have so many things I want to do and ideas in my head and I am wrestling with how to make them happen. Life coaching has been a godsend and I owe you all an update, but it has also caused me to unpack some crap and face some insecurities. I mean one of the assignments was to mark my life as a timeline of the Top 10 Life Changing Events and an hour later I was not done discussing them.

Its true I have lives quite the life, but sometimes I feel I still live in someone else’s dreams for me. Ugh.

So, let’s do this June!! And if you want to join the no-stress challenge, just drop that email below. Promise I won’t spam you, just give ya some easy peasy tools!


Happy Friday loves.