Weekending: Summer Life

It's summer fun for days in the Winter household! Recapping our epic summer weekend fun from splash pads to dance class. Fort Worth Lifestyle Blogger, Lynn Winter.


Friday was E’s last day of Zoo Camp, so I tool the afternoon off and we had some fun! We ate lunch, ran some errands and then played in the kiddie pool and did water balloons. We decided it was the perfect night for Chick Fil A and a movie. We watched Brave for the first time and now she wants a bow and arrow.



I was up bright and early for an 8am barre mash-up workout at my favorite studio The Dailey Method. Their barre class is the best around. They focus so much on alignment and you get tons of one-on-one attention and adjustment. They also offer cycle, so its so nice to catch a class from my normal home workouts.

The Dailey Method Fort Worth

After that I ran home changed and headed to the studio for summer dance classes! This summer I am teaching tumble tots and love it! I have two classes and then I teach twirling. It was actually really nice to not teach E for once and be able to focus totally on my kiddos.

Then, I helped host a birthday party at the studio since a lot of girls are off on summer vacation. Needless to say, when I got home at 3:30 I was pooped, but I managed to go snuggle the newest baby in our dance family. E’s first dance teacher just had her sweet baby and well, I needed all the baby snuggles.

Studio Baby

Then hubby and I enjoyed a date night. We went to Pacific Table, which is a mostly seafood place, but they do have other wonderful dishes. Oh, and they have an amazing peanut butter ice cream cookie sandwich that too die for.


And we ended the night at World of Beer. I have so many people ask why we go there. It is because my husband is a HUGE craft beer fan. And WOB has 50 taps and over 100 different beers from around the world. He is a member of their loyalty program and has his name on the top 10 and his own locker. It is literally Cheers for him. And me, the non beer drinker? I get coffee from next door and hang out. We talk and I chat with the waitresses who are the cutest college girls and the bartenders are so nice and well its just an easy going place to chill.



I slept in until 9am and it was glorious! E brought my breakfast in bed (cereal) and asked to cuddle. I easily obliged and we just hung out and then colored until it was time for her twirling lesson.

Then we came home and napped. It was needed. A storm tried to blow in, but never quite made it, so off to the zoo and the splash pad we went!

It was deserted since rain was looming and girl had little to no wait for every slide. Then we saw a couple animals, rode the carousel and little Miss fell asleep on the way home.


And then after dinner we made a quick (haha) trip to Target to get a new blow up pool and well ya know a ton of other stuff and if you watched my stories from last night then you saw that my mom got stuck in a dress and texted me to come help her. Then I tried to help her try to again and realized it was a size small. We legit laughed so hard and I nearly peed my pants.

E starts Princess Academy at the dance studio tomorrow and is excited so watch out for photos!

I have a few dinners with friends and I am getting microneedling done Tuesday and I am half scared, half so excited. Anyone had it done? I would love to know what you all thought.

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