Summer Mom Must Haves

I know that summer has not officially started, but for all intents and purposes, its summer here in Texas. This means something way different for a working mom than a stay at home mom. It means kids are out of school so normal routines are off and so many working mamas have to find other care or camps, etc.. For me, it means giving my kiddo the best of both worlds and a lot of driving. But, here are a few essentials for our summer survival.

Sharing my must have summer products for surviving summer. These items are my go-to when going anywhere in the summer heat with kids. I am on the go all summer with summer activities and these are our tried and true favorite summer must have items for kids. Click for a full list of my must haves!

1. Large Tote Bag. This tote lives in my car and is a great basic. It’s the perfect size and folds up flat for easy storage. There are so many colors and designs to choose from. Mine is stocked with other summer essentials like sunscreen, change of clothes, extra shoes, swimsuit, towels and wipes.


2. Micro-Fiber Towels. I started using these for the gym when I got ready there and then along came E. These are perfect for those impromptu splash pad visits, for the zoo, even when you get caught in a downpour. They come in two sizes and a ton of colors.

relefree micofibretowel.jpg

3. Water Balloons. I say it every year, water balloons are hours of fun at our house. I buy thousands of them and she spend hours throwing them in our driveway. We take them to friends’ houses and well, they are just so easy and fun.


4. Natives. Hands down the best invention in kids (and adult shoes). E has two pair of Natives and then a pair from Old Navy. They are closed-toe so she can wear them to school, zoo camp, park, etc.. But, they do not make her feet sweaty or smelly and I can hose them down. E has been at half-day Zoo Camp all week at the Fort Worth Zoo and has had a blast! if you’re zoo offers this or you’re near Fort Worth, its a must for the kids from little to high school.


5. Water Bottles. We legit have water bottles everywhere, like one in every room I think. But, I also carry one that lives in the car—one for E and one for me. I use an Rtic brand and E has this Contigo one.


6. Sunscreen. I keep it everywhere as well. I have a few different that I carry depending on the use. I love the Beauty Counter’s mineral sunscreen stick. So easy to apply to E’s face, neck and ears and drop in my purse. Next up, is Colorscience brushable spf 50. Also easy to reapply over makeup and the kiddo when we are out and about. Last, but not least, I love Neutrogena Wet Skin spray. I can put it on her wet skin and send her back to play.


7. Small portable fan. It gets hot in Texas. And its humid and well, hot and humid and kids just sometimes do not mix. So, I carry this small fan so that if little one is over-heated or mommy is, I can cool her or me down quickly.


8. Wet Ones.  We love these for cleaning up all the messes that happen with toddlers.  We keep a tube of them in our car at all times!

Fifteen of our go to items when going on road trips with toddlers. We travel a lot with our girls and these are our tried and true favorites! Click for a full list of our must haves!

Do you have any fun travel plans this summer?  What are you go-to items that keep you sane and your kiddos happy? Thanks as always for reading! *affiliate links used.