Weekend Wrap-Up Vol. 7:Ballet and Relaxation

And just like that the first weekend of March has come and gone.




I had the privilege of being an artist at the local elementary school’s Fine Arts Day. The theme this year was Fine eARTh day, because the world without ART is just eh. Each year the school spends a whole day allowing its students to experience fine arts of every walk and way. From dancing to music to traditional art. I accompanied our studio’s owner and we had 4th graders and did some Hip Hop. And since the theme was Earth we went with Stomp for our theme. It was a blast!


Friday Night

And in following with the dance theme, Friday night our dance studio faculty headed out to the ballet. But this was no normal ballet. Our local company, Texas Ballet Theatre, did a three piece show that was beyond amazing. A mix of contemporary and traditional ballet en pointe.



It was so good to be back teaching my babies!! I just love their sweet hugs and snotty noses.

We had no plans Saturday at all and it was amazing. It was spent playing, snuggling by the fire and a quick date night dinner with my love. We went back to HG Supply and it did not disappoint. We had an avocado toast for appetizer and then I had a spicy bison chili.


And how could we forget dessert? We stopped at Susie Cakes and I had this decadent Whoopie Pie and the hubs got a traditional coconut cupcake. They specialize in traditional homemade baked goods and neither of these disappointed.


Sunday, well a much needed rest day… again. I managed to stay up until 1am watching Lifetime movies on Gabby Douglas and Simone Biles and well 7am cam early. But nothing beats a quiet Sunday morning of coffee, PJs, movies and blocks.


The rest of the day was spent shopping. E has grown a ton and last week she had no leggings that fit her. So, we hopped over to Kohl’s and Target and bought all the things. She needed leggings, shirts, shoes… all of it. Now, we will have another week of cold weather and then perhaps, maybe spring will well spring!

How was your weekend?