Easy Frugal Ways To Refresh Your Home Decor

It doesn’t take a big chunk of money or major renovations to refresh your home whenever you feel the need to. Check out these 5 easy ideas you can do right away to give your home some sprucing up.


1. Say Bye To Clutter

No home Refresh Session can be done without a little organizing and decluttering first. Did you know that clutter is one of the main causes of stress in a home? I believe it. Clutter is a bummer- for real, it always amazes me when I just stop and clean up how much better I love a room.

First thing to do is clean out that junk drawer(s). We all have them and I'm not gonna lie- most of us will have them filled back up in a week or two but it will make you feel SO good to be able to open that drawer and it be junk-less, even it is only for a week.

2. Get Organized

After you're done decluttering you'll probably have a lot more space to organize. Baskets tend to be my go-to for doing this. You can easily add baskets to every room. From the linen closet to the playroom, baskets are a great way to organize things or at least - hide some clutter you’re not ready to get rid of, yet.


 3. Add Some Color

Ok so, no need to go out and hire professional painters to start changing the entire color scheme of your home. You can refresh any room in your house by easily adding pops of color here and there. Buy some new throw pillows for your sofa or change up your curtains. Add a new rug.

Bedroom seem boring ?Change your duvet cover or grab some new lamps or shades.

There are so many simple ways to change up the look and feel of any room in your house, and it doesn't need to be a major renovation project or break the bank!


4. Let The Light In

Once you're done adding some pops of color, try finding ways to maximize daylight in your room. To easily brighten up any room, add a decorative mirror or two. Natural light bounces off them and automatically makes a room seem brighter and appear larger at the same time!

5. Bring The Outside In

It's always nice to add some greenery around the house. Not only will a few plants freshen up your space, did you know that they are also a natural mood booster? Bonus!

And if you don’t have a green thumb - no worries! Try an artificial plant or flower arrangement. Or, my personal favorite—succulents! Check out Stayin Alive Succulents for the best and cutest ones I know.


If you’re like most people - you tend to want to spruce up or refresh your home with the change of seasons, so while you’re changing up your decor - take some time to check on those smoke detectors and change out the batteries! Jack Pearson thanks you!