How to Prepare Your Home for Summer


Get Your Home Ready for Summer with These Home Maintenance Tips!

Summer is just around the corner, and needless to say, I am so excited. The weather here in Texas has not really been that great for the last couple of weeks. We have experienced torrential downpour, highs winds and almost daily tornado threats. But, I know that the intense, relentless Texas heat is on the horizon, so I am trying to enjoy these days.

Summer is a great time for enjoying the outdoors. Our family loves to be outside as much as we can weather permitting. We enjoy the Texas sunsets, splashing in the pool, blowing bubbles, sidewalk chalk and or course good ole back yard BBQs. But, before we can truly enjoy the outdoors, we spend some time getting our home primed and prepared for summer.

Right now, the midst of spring is the perfect time to make repairs and get ready for the fun in the sun (before the heat is beating down).

Here are some summer home maintenance tips to start with!


1. Air Conditioner – Change the filters; better yet, have a tune up. It’s much easier (and cheaper) to take care of problems before the heat of summer is underway, and you might have to wait several days to get a repairman to your home when everyone else is without a/c as well.

2. Check Your Roof – Make sure your roof is still in good condition, with no leaks or missing shingles. And if you live in tornado alley like we do in Texas, this is so important. High winds can cause significant damages and if not taken care of soon after, it can get worse and even worse, your insurance company can deny coverage.

3. Clean the Gutters. I mean, since you are already up on the roof, take the opportunity to clean the gutters to avoid leaks and clogs. If any gutters are loose, reattach them to the house. Gutters are just not something that most of us even give a second thought to, but can cause so many problems!

We just had ours cleaned this week and I was amazed at how much stuff had built up in them! Lonestar Glass & Gutter, a locally owned company, came out and not only cleaned them out, but educated me on the importance of keeping the gutters cleaned and clear of debris.


Did you know that leaving debris and water in your gutters can cause foundation issues, damaged siding, mold & mildew growth, and bug problems! Yup, those pesky mosquitos love to breed right there in your gutters! Lonestar recommends twice yearly cleanings, spring and fall to ensure your gutter stay clean and clear!

Oh, and I mean how can you not love a company that also loves your pups!

James Smith, Lonestar Glass & Gutter

4. House Siding/Paint – It’s a good idea to wash down your paint or siding every spring. This allows you to see if there are any issues before they get out of hand. Use a power washer and a mild detergent to clean.  It’s not a bad job on a sunny day.

5. Windows – Inspect your windows inside and out to make sure the seals are still intact and that they are operating properly. Wash them on the inside and the OUTSIDE!

Believe it or not, glass can be a culprit for allergens! Glass is porous and surface pollutants can eat into your glass and then get baked by the sun! Also make sure you check for any cracks or breakage and get them replaced. Make sure your window screens are in good repair, and clean out the window wells.

6. Outdoor Toys – If you have a swing set, sand box, trampoline, etc… now is the time to make sure that everything is safe, clean and usable. Swing sets can become a little loose and wobbly over the winter.  San boxes can grow things or become a breaking ground for unwanted critters. Spread new mulch or sand if it has become compacted.  If the metal swing set has become rusty, consider re-painting it. Check for sharp edges and wood that may cause splinters. For us, we check with spiders, snakes, and again, mosquito.

7. Deck or Patio – Summertime is the season these spaces were designed for, so make sure it’s safe! Check underneath you deck for missing or loose supports. Floor boards should be securely fastened.  Power wash and refinish if necessary.  Overhead coverings should be in good repair; if not, replace them.  Deep clean your outside cooking space – grill, fire pit, etc. Again, look for any critters that may have decided to make these spaces home during the cold winter months as well.

8. Garden Chores – Did you weed & feed? Need new sod? Now is the time to get the yard revamped. Remove any plants that didn’t survive the winter, check trees for soundness (you don’t want one falling on your house), mulch to keep weeds in check. Trim plants that might interfere with the A/C unit.  Freshen up any flower beds by planting new flowers. Have trees trimmed so they are not touching your house, roof, or fences.

E and I love doing yard work!

E and I love doing yard work!

Painting rock! E loves it and fun in the garden.

Painting rock! E loves it and fun in the garden.


9. Check For Unwanted Guests – Lots of animals like to build nests and cause damage to your home (especially during the cold winter months). Check around your home, garage and shed for carpenter ants, termites, hornets, mice and other rodents, and get rid of any nests in a safe manner before they cause damage to your property. Have a local pest company come out and identify any areas that may need to be treated. We actually have a quarterly pest control plan and its amazing! They come four times a year and I just do not have to worry about it.

Summer is the time to enjoy the weather, take a vacation and relax! By performing these simple home maintenance tips at the beginning of summer, you will spend less time (and money) and enjoy your evening and weekends doing what you love.  These simple jobs will keep your home not only keep your home looking good, but in good repair as well.

Do you have any other tips to share? Pool maintenance is one, but we do not have a pool, so make sure you do what is needed!