How Life Coaching Changed Me in Just 21 Days

Ever wondered what a life coach does? Have you thought maybe I need someone to help me find direction in my life? If you have ever wondered if life coaching would benefit you, you need to read this. I tell you how life coaching changed my life and helped me find balance in just 21 days. Lifestyle & Wellness Blogger, Lynn Winter shares her honest look at life coaching for busy moms.

How many thoughts do you think you have on a daily basis? Seriously—just think about a random number.

Experts measured and found that the mind thinks between 60,000 – 80,000 thoughts a day. That’s an average of 2500 – 3,300 thoughts per hour. That crazy, right?

So let me ask you one question:

Do your thoughts build you up or pull you down?

I had a big surprise on what my thoughts were saying to me as I worked my way through the Life Luvers Challenge. Yup, I spent the last 21 days working through the first step of my life coaching journey.

So, let’s recap. I started the Life Luvers Challenge 21 days ago in order to find out what was missing in my life. I connected with my Coach Lindsay Preston on Instagram and after looking into what she offered, I realized what did I have to lose? I knew I was made for me, but was struggling with how to focus those thoughts and more importantly, what was holding me back.

In walks the Life Luvers Challenge. Lindsay focuses on women who are goal-getters who are looking for the tools to life-long success. The challenge focuses on giving you FREEDOM from the internal and external blocks that have been holding you back! It allows you to find inner and outer peace because you learn how to diminish that inner voice in your head that weighs you down.


Ya’ll, this is what happened when I listened to my inner voice and what kind of self-talk I had with myself.

I didn’t like what I observed.

Most of it was toxic thoughts.

I was constantly telling myself that I did not do enough, I am not good enough, being myself is not good enough.

Wellness Blogger, Lynn Winter

Let that sink in. And then ask yourself how many times a day negative thoughts just like those cross your mind! Ladies, if we want to stop the negative self-talk, it has to stop with ourselves.

This challenge has opened my eyes and mind to a whole other world inside me. I realized that so much of what was holding me back were these bullet holes that had made huge indentations on my heart, mind, and soul and for which I was desperately trying to band-aid instead of heal. The problem I had was I had no clue I was still affected by these old wounds and more importantly, I had no idea how to heal them.

Life coaching and Lindsay gave me the tools I needed. She helped me face these deep wounds head on and provided me with a tangible way to process them. I am now equipped with an arsenal of tools to combat the Inner Mean Girl who lives inside me (and inside all of us). I mediate, write down my goals, celebrate my wins (even the small ones like getting out of bed), repeat positive mantras, journal, but perhaps the greatest tool was self-realization.


I had one of those ah-ha moments that you hear about when people go through something big. (I used to think they were a bunch of malarky). I literally had a full-on panic attack last week and shared about it on Insta. I shared about it not to garner pity, but to be honest and raw like I have always promised. I shared it because it was a breakthrough that allowed me to see that it was ok to let down walls and barriers and tap into my true authentic self.

How to Find Happiness With Your Authentic Self

You cannot expect to find happiness in life if you don’t know what makes you happy. It’s like working towards an undetermined goal—you are literally working towards nothing while hoping for everything. This can’t really work out, right? This was me!

In order to find happiness, you first need to find out what does make you happy. And the only way to accomplish this is is to connect with your authentic self. Connect with the you deep inside you so that you can feel in balance and in control while you are striving for happiness.

Your authentic self is who we are when we’re most open, vulnerable and care free; its how you act, what you say, what you do and what you believe. It is who you truly are—your inner child. So embrace it and enjoy it!

You may be sitting there reading this and thinking well that’s all fine and good for you Lynn,but its not for me. I was you. I was in your spot. But, looking back, its the best investment of my time I have ever made. It has brought me clarity, renewed joy and sustainable, achievable goals that I would have never been able to find on my own. If I had passed up this opportunity I would have still been sitting here stuck in my own head and wondering what if. I would have continued to let negative self talk and my Inner Meal Girl control my life and well, that’s just not how I want to live my life or show my daughter.

So, if you are sitting there thinking man, I am so lost in: motherhood, my career, my life then perhaps its time for a little self discovery of your own.

Why self-discovery? Why Life Coaching?

Connecting with yourself also means going on a self-discovery journey and finding out more about yourself. When you travel inwards and ask yourself what you truly want, you connect with yourself on an entirely new level. Then you can get clearer on your goals and dreams and start to think about what you will do to reach them. This is what life coaching and specifically what the Life Luvers Challenge will do for you.

You can’t love your life, be authentically you and find happiness if you don’t know where you are headed? 


That’s why self-discovery is so important. So you wanna make sure you invest enough time and maybe even money into it.

If you think life coaching might be for you or you are interested in learning more about the Life Luvers challenge, check out Lindsay’s site at or head over to . I promise you will not regret the decision if you decide to take the challenge and so much that Lindsay is offering $20 off the course with the code LYNN20.

If you have questions or want to know more about why I decided to do this please reach out! And for more about Lindsay visit her on Instagram.