How to Survive Summer (with your kids)

Ah, school is out and summer is in full swing at our household, well summer schedule at least. The weather is hot and the sun is shining. There are pools to jump into and bikes waiting to be ridden by eager kiddos. And, about 18 million camps, lessons, play dates and appointments to manage , ya know since we have time.

I don’t know about you, but summer seems to be a tad more stressful than other seasons for this working mama. Between finding full-time daycare and letting my child experience summer, I find myself running ragged by the time September rolls around.

So, I have committed to make June my month. I am committing to a 30 day relaxation and stress reducing challenge!!

Summer is here and the kids are home! Here are my tips to reduce your stress and survive summer vacation with your kids. #summervacation #stressrelief

During this next month you’ll be seeing a little more about relaxing and reducing stress here at Motherhood in Motion. It’s an important topic and something I’ve given a lot of thought lately.

We live in such a busy world where we’re always reachable, constantly bombarded with news updates, email alerts, and of course ads. Social media puts us under a lot of pressure to document the perfect life, and in between all that we’re juggling family and career, while paying off student debt, or a large mortgage, or school tuition, or whatever it is you working towards. No wonder we’re more stressed than ever!

I decided that I will no longer wear the busy badge of honor and it’s high time to relax more and take an active approach to my stress reduction. And, I am inviting you to do just that right along with me over the next 30 days. Each week I’ll have new tips or ideas to share with you on the topic. To make sure you don’t miss a thing, sign up here for weekly email alerts.

How Does Relaxing Reduce Stress?

Feeling stressed is an ancient biochemical process that has served us well over the millennia. Stress is actually a way of quickly putting your body on high alert. It is designed to get you ready for physical activity like running away, or fighting. This has worked well in the distant past, but outside of a sporting event, it doesn’t do us much good these days (when was the last time you thanked good ole stress?). So, we have to find other coping mechanisms and different ways to calm back down. And that’s where making an effort to relax more comes in.

Have you ever gone through a period where you drank way too much coffee? I know I am talking to you moms here so this is somewhat of a rhetorical questions. At first, one cup of coffee in the morning will wake you up and keep you alert for a couple of hours. Then, as you start to drink more and more throughout the day, it takes, well, more coffee to get the same effect. Your body builds up a caffeine tolerance.

It works the same with stress. The more often you’re stressed, the more adrenaline and other stimulating hormones your body has to dump into your system to get the same reaction. The problem is that being too stressed too often takes its toll on the body.

So, just like with the coffee addiction, if you slowly say choose to drink a more calming herbal tea for a while and or greatly cut back on the coffee, or even just slowly work your way down to 3 cups a day, eventually your caffeine tolerance goes back to normal. Stress works the same way.

You can decrease the hormone release by making an effort to relax more and stress less. Not only will it benefit your overall health, you’ll also feel better without all those extra stimulants coursing through your system 24/7.!

So, if you are looking to reduce your stress, I hope you join me and give reducing stress by relaxing more a try over the coming 30 days so you can have the BEST.SUMMER.EVER.

30 Days to a more relaxed and less stressed life! Join my 30 day challenge to live a less stressed and more relaxed life.

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