Q&A: Past Jobs, Eyelashes & Scheduling

Hey there! So, I had a ton of responses to my call for questions last week on Instagram, so instead of answering there, I thought I would just take some time so answer them here! But first, in case you’re new around here, let me take a sec to introduce myself.

Answering all the reader questions from June. Talking about everything from jobs, divorce, marriage, eyelash extensions and using a planner. | Lynn Winter Lifestyle & Motherhood Blogger

I’m Lynn. 36 year-old mama of one sweet little girl E and wife to one awesome husband “the hubs.” I am a full-time lawyer who needed and outlet for creativity and that is where this blog come into play. I started bogging back in 2011 after I had just taken the Texas Bar Exam. I was newly married (more on that later), starting a new career and had a new house. I decided to chronicle all the new in my life. Fast-forward 8 years and we are now at Motherhood in Motion.

This little space brings you my favorite mom hacks, skincare, beauty, makeup, hair, style and health & wellness for the busy mama doing all the things in life. But, let’s get to the Q&A.

Q: How many jobs have you had in the past?

A: I mean, if we are going back to my very first job, then quite a few, I was a carhop at Sonic starting my sophomore year of high school (skates and all people). Then I worked the front desk at the local gym in my hometown. But after graduating from TCU, I went to work for… TCU. I was an event planner in the office of Donor Relations, which happened to be the office I was a student worker in for 4 years.


I planned thank you events for donors for 1 year and then moved into the scholarship/stewardship role. There I matched students to endowed scholarships and did all the reporting to the donor as well as planned events.

At 26, I decided to finally take the plunge and go to law school, which had been my plan before TCU.


Q: How did you meet your husband?

A: Long story short, the person who introduced me to my first husband, also had a hand in introducing me to the hubs.

But, we met at Chimy’s and for those of you local Fort Worth people or Lubbock-ites, it a tex-mex bar of sorts. We met there and chatted and then I spent the next week trying to social media stalk him.. news flash, he did not have any social media. Finally asked my friend his last name and we saw each other at the gym. He asked me out and we planned a date! We sat at Mi Cocina and ate dinner and I told him my entire life story and he stuck around, so I will call it a win!


Q: Do you have eyelash extensions?

A: Currently yes. I go to Theresa inside Tribe Salon in Fort Worth and she is amazing! But I do not have them all the time, I am so hard on them.


Q: How do you manage to find time to do all the things you do?

A: I truly believe that you make time for the things you love. So, if you look around at the things I spend my time doing you will see what’s important. Keeping healthy by working out either at home, a The Dailey Method or cardio hip hop at the dance studio; blogging, teaching dance and twirling and spending time with my family. Its give/take. I am lucky that my husband is super supportive and knows that being a lawyer is not the end all be all for me. So we compromise.

He goes into work early and I take E to school and in turn he picks her up most days. Tuesday nights are their night so Wednesday is ours. That allows us both to have one night a week that we can do whatever we want and one night that is just one-on-one time with E. I am blessed that Saturdays while I teach, E takes class and then hangs out at the studio and plays until I am done or my mom (RoRo comes into town). Having the only grandkid that we see help. She is normally here most weekends because that is where she chooses to be and I love that they have a special bond.

Other than that, its all about time blocking and planners. I have my one on my iPhone for work and then all my other things go into a paper planner! Oh, I also get up early during the week to get stuff done.

Hope you enjoyed getting to know a little more about me! I always love getting to know about others and where they come from and what makes the tick!

Answering all the reader questions from June. Talking about everything from jobs, divorce, marriage, eyelash extensions and using a planner. | Lynn Winter Lifestyle & Motherhood Blogger