TBB Asks: Shop Til You Drop!


If there is one thing I can do its shop! I am a full believer in retail therapy and I have the closet to prove it. However, as I have gotten older, I have tried to be more intentional with my shopping habits and purchase, meaning I invest in good staple pieces and try to buy things that will transcend seasons and trends. Albeit not always fun, it has made it easier to dress everyday. I do still buy some occasional trend pieces or what I can all “throw away” clothes. You know those pieces you pick up because the trend is on or you need something in particular for an outfit or occasion. I have started to look into more sustainable clothing efforts though. Buying USA made and locally sourced fabrics, designers who pay fair wages or give back in other ways. It is more expensive sometimes, but the clothes last longer and are better for the Earth and the economy.

But I digress (what is new), here are my answers to this month’s TBB Asks.

tbb asks.jpg

1. Top 3 Shops
Banana Republic, Nordstrom’s and a local online boutique, The Paisley Heart.

2. Where is most of your shopping done?
Most definitely ONLINE!! I tend to know what sizes I wear in different brands, so I can easily shop online for most things. However, when shoe and pant shopping, I like to try on in the store since those things tend to fit differently.

3. Favorite thing to shop for?
CLOTHES!!  Like I said, I am a firm believer in retail therapy. However, I love shoes. I could shop for shoes for days, but I am so picky that it takes me a while to pull the trigger on shoes. I have also gotten into home decor more as I redo the rooms in our house. Its so fun to find the perfect decor.

4. What do you hate shopping for?
Honestly...groceries!!  My husband does this and I am grateful for it. I loathe grocery shopping.

5. Most favorite thing you've ever bought?
Probably my first wedding dress. It was my dream dress and I still love it to this day. I only wish it had been for my current marriage. But I felt so beautiful.

6. Do you prefer shopping alone or with others?
Alone. I like to just go in shop, try on and be done.

7. Best Bargain? 
My current purse. I was looking for a good leather carry-all and went into the Dillard’s near my house. I was looking at a Frye’s bag and was about to purchase, when the sales lady told me that I could get last season’s bag (the exact same one I had in my hand) for 20% and I could then add an additional discount with a coupon she had. I saved 40% off the same bag and I love this thing.

8. Thrift store shopping...yes of no?
I have never gone thrifting for anything other than my $10 prom outfit circa sophomore year of college. I need to venture out more for some vintage finds.

9. Best Cities for Shopping?
This is tough one because I don't travel much.  I loved shopping in London when I lived there and I also love some of the cute boutiques I have found in Oklahoma. But I would say Texas has shopping enough for me.

10. Fashion icon?
I like to try to keep up with the trends, but I wouldn't say I have one style icon.  I like the classic look, like Audrey Hepburn. But I love watching Suits simply for the fashion. If I could dress like Donna at work everyday I would be both poor and an icon. I do enjoy some bloggers’ style like Katey McFarlan from Chronicles of Frivolity and Lindsey from A Pilot’s Wife. Both are Fort Worth ladies, but have lovely taste and are both mamas.