Summer Bucket List

And with that, summer has kicked off! And what is summer without a good old fashioned summer bucket list! In the hustle and bustle of the summer months, it can be so easy to let this season pass you by with things you were meaning to do, but never actually committed to doing. That’s why I need these Summer bucket list ideas and why I’ll be printing out the list and sticking it on my fridge pronto!

It's Officially summer around these parts and if you are looking for a list of things to do for summer, here is your ultimate summer bucket list! Lifestyle Blogger Lynn Winter has compiled the best summer bucket list for kids and amazing summer bucket list items for the whole family!

2019 Summer Bucket List

1. Make real lemonade

Like squeeze the lemons, add the sugar let’s set up a stand lemonade!

2. Have friends over for a BBQ

My favorite thing about Summer is the fact that the sun doesn’t go down until nearly 8pm! So much opportunity to be outside, making the most of the weather. Although our yard is small, we love having people over for a good super-chill weeknight BBQ!

3. Take a lazy Sunday afternoon nap

So, I may have knocked this one off the list this weekend, but I am going for bonus points and seeking naps whenever possible and if I can do it in a hammock, three points!! This should actually be on a LIFE bucket list, not just a Summer bucket list…

summer stroller nap

4. Smash the slides at the local water park

E loves the water, so we hit up every pool, splash pad and water park we can! So, gather some friends for some old-school fun, and hit up a water park.

Fort Worth Zoo splash pad
zoo splash pad

5. Visit the drive-in theater

This is out summer to finally pack a picnic dinner and enjoy a classic movie under the stars. This is such a feel-good Summer bucket list activity!

6. Get up for the sunrise

Summer is the BEST time to become a morning person. So get up at the butt-crack of dawn and find the best spot (at home or at a local spot somewhere) to watch the sky become awash with sunlight for the day. Repeat as often as possible. And Instagram it (#nofilter).

7. Grow tomatoes

I am determined to do this! There is nothing more rewarding than a deliciously sweet, plump heirloom tomato off the vine.

8. Set up a play pool (even if you don’t have kids!)

First of all, can we just take a moment to appreciate that my kid loves nothing more than the $3 plastic pool I set up in the yard? Even people without kids can enjoy a relaxing dip in a play pool. I think this shaded play pool is brilliant for any age human. And even the pups can enjoy their own watery haven. If you do have kids, a play pool + water balloons + a bunch of cute bath toys = a whole afternoon of entertainment.

summer bucket list

9. Go out for ice cream – or chase down the ice cream truck

Ice cream is one of Summer’s simplest pleasures, so enjoy it! Make an outing of it, or buy a cheap box of waffle cones and a tub of your favorite ice cream and enjoy an ice cream treat whenever the craving hits. For us, we love to hit up the local shops like Melt and Unicorn Magical Dessert Bar.

10. Take a bike ride

I got a bike for my birthday so its time to use it again!! Get out in the fresh air and get your body moving… especially if you’ve been over-indulging in that ice cream I just mentioned. Wink wink.


Nothing is more quintessential Summer than a trip to the beach (or the pool if you don’t live near the coast). Our annual trip to 30a is scheduled and on the books! It can take a bit of effort, especially if you’ve got kids (I feel ya!), but once that sand is between your toes and the water is lapping around your ankles it makes it so worth it!


12. Bake.

Pie, cake, a crumble, just bake! .

13. Enjoy some live music

We love hitting up the Concerts in the Garden! It may be hot, but the music is wonderful and it ends with fireworks. Find a festival in your town, or even just the local markets, and enjoy the pleasure of listening to live music. Dancing optional.

14. Trip to the local farmers’ market

Oh I just love summer for the fresh fruits and veggies and I am dragging the whole family out to the Parker Country Peach Festival this year. And any other market I can find!

15. Eat watermelon

It needs no explanations. Seriously, I can’t over-state how damn good it is.

16. Run through the sprinklers

So ridiculous. So childish. So darn fun though. Trust me.

So… what are you going to tick off your summer bucket list first?!

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