Things I Still Ask My Mother

Welcome back for another #TBT! I wrote this post early last year and it still cracks me up! I mean, this just goes to show you that you are never too old to need your mama.

You are never too old to need your mother. Questions I still ask my mom from her maiden name to how to boil an egg. #momadvice

Let’s be serious for a minute. I am a 36-year-old married, mother of one, with an advanced degree, and yet I still find myself asking my mom (or pseudo-mom) some of these things. I should probably know the answers to them, but why, when I have good ole mom around.

  • How long do you boil an egg?

  • Do I have to boil the potatoes before I can mash them?

  • What is our family medical history?

  • What is my bloodtype?

  • What’s your maiden name again?

  • Do I need to dilute bleach to use it to clean things?

  • What cycle do I use to wash “hand wash only” items?

  • What am I allergic to?

  • How old was I when I learned to…. (insert a plethora of items)

  • Where was Grandma born?

  • How old is Grandma?

  • When is Grandma’s birthday?

  • On what day of the week was I born?

  • How do you soften butter?

  • What does it mean to cream the butter and sugar?

  • What does room temperature mean?

  • And what is “tepid” water?

  • How long does chicken stay good?

  • Should I take her to the doctor?

  • I can microwave it right? (this applies to dishes I can put into the microwave)

Bless all the moms and grandmas out there who still answer all our calls and never judge us even when we ask the silliest of questions. What things do you still find yourself asking you mother all these years later?