Weekending: Easter

Recapping our Easter weekend: from egg hunting to Easter brunch and more!


E had her egg hunt at school. Girl had a blast!! She would pick up and egg and then decide if it was worth it or not. Seriously, the other kiddos went for quantity and she was all about quality!


We also got E’s school pictures and ya’ll… she looks so darn grown up!! Where did my baby go?



I wish I did not work on Friday, but since I do, at least this Friday involved a party! I have been dubbed the office party planner of sorts, but this one was special and all I did was show up and help!


One of our sweet assistants was retiring and we showered her with love and wonderful send-off! If you saw my stories, then you saw the amazing cupcake bouquet my sweet friend Tiffany made! People had no clue it was cupcake and not real flowers!

Friday night we headed out to dinner at one of our local favorites, Charleston’s. E loves their mac & cheese and they have the best honey-buttered croissants in the world.

Then we headed home for a family viewing of Frozen for the millionth time. (Literally we did this exact same thing last Friday night….)


It was our usual routine of teaching dance and twirling. With our recital coming up in May, we are working on finalizing and cleaning routines and just getting our kiddos ready to perform!

After dance, my mom came over and we got ready to head to the NCAA Womens’ Gymnastics Team Finals. E started gymnastics last year and is obsessed, so when I knew the finals were in Fort Worth, I hopped on the chance to let her see in person!


It was so much fun! The atmosphere was electric and the convention center was packed! If you have never seen a college gymnastics meet, you should. We also had the privilege of sitting right on front of the Georgia Gymdogs who did not make it to finals, but they were so sweet and talked to E and the other litel girls sitting there. What a class act!

After that we headed to Target for some eggs to dye and some cookies to bake and then we surprised daddy at World of Beer!


I think daddy enjoyed showing her off for a little bit. Then we headed home! After we got E to bed, RoRo and I hid eggs and prepared the Easter basket.


Up bright and early for egg hunting!


E got some candy and then some fun little prizes in her basket and a new Ariel doll that sings. She loves it!

Then we did our first water balloons of the year! Seriously, we buy thousands of them each summer and E loves them! It is hours of fun.

About 1pm, we were all dressed and ready for Easter brunch with our other family at the club. Talk about an amazing spread of food! But, the best part is always the family egg hunt in the back yard. 6 kiddos, 50 eggs and one pinata!


When we finally got home at 5pm, we ordered pizza and watched Snow White, while mommy worked… Yup… the life of a lawyer who has a hearing on a Monday morning…

How was your Easter weekend? I cannot wait to see all your sweet kiddos and their baskets!

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