What to Wear: Flats & Sandals for the Office

If you’ve ever been in the professional or corporate working world, then you probably know what wardrobe essentials for work professional women should have in their closets. If you’re buying one for the first time or replacing one you’ve worn into the ground, or are now post-partum, it can be a huge pain in the you know what to find exactly the right items in stores. In “What to Wear” I am going to do the leg work for you and scour the stores for those everyday wardrobe staples every woman (working or not) should have.

So, I posted about wearing flats to walk and commute to work in and then putting on my heels at the courthouse. You all then knew my secret, I wear flats—a lot. And you want to know what flats and/sandals are the best to wear to work.

What to Wear: Best flats and sandals to wear to the office. Click to see the best cute and comfy flats to wear to work.

The Classic Pointy Toe Flat.  Little sister to the classic pointy toe pump, this is the sleekest and easiest to style — but can be a tad hard to find a good fit. I truly believe you need at least three pair: 1) black; 2)nude/camel; and 3) a fun print or color.

Here are my picks.


The Round Toe Flat. Less sleek, but better for your feet, the round toe (sometimes with a cap toe flat) is a classic for the office. Best-selling shoes with a rounder toe include the Tory Burch.

Here are my favorites:


The Loafer. While not a style I wear often, it has come back into popularity as of late. The more structured a loafer is the more appropriate for work it’ll be, in my opinion. Driving moccasin or slipper types tend to veer a bit further away. Of course, all of these option comes as mules as well.

Loafers have come a LONG way and now there are a variety of sleek models out here. They pair well with a pencil skirt, shift dress, ankle pants, or cropped wide leg pants. Look for cutouts on the side, and a soft but firm material.

The Strappy Flat. In my personal opinion, the strappy flat is hit or miss. It can be so hard to find the right fit so you do not end up looking like you have cankles or sausage feet. And, let’s just skip the Mary Jane strap if you are over the age of perhaps 10.

Tips for finding the most flattering look, watch where the straps hit — for me, straps that hit below my ankle bone work , for others straps that hit higher, at the skinniest point of the ankle, seem to look the best. If you can find them, look for ones that have a strap that’s close to your skin tone, or where the strap has a slight shape of a V on your leg instead of a straight line across your ankle. (These rules apply for a strappy sandal as well).

For the most sophisticated, sleekest look, watch the way the toes are shaped and where the shoe hits the top of your foot (the vamp) — the rounder the toe and higher the vamp, the frumpier the shoe (in general).

Seychelles Plateau City Flats

Seychelles Plateau City Flats

Shein Point Toe Ankle Strap Flat

Shein Point Toe Ankle Strap Flat


The Foldable Flat. So, convenient and comfy, but probably not the shoe you would wear all day. The foldable flat is more of a commuter shoe if you are going to work. Because they’re foldable and super lightweight you can throw them in pretty much any bag. There’s a huge range of prices from Amazon to the more expensive Tieks.

Sandals. I consider a sandal anything that is open, so this includes a strappy heel. I wear my fair share to work. However, there is a fine line between appropriate and well, trashy. I rotate between a low block heel I got a Target circa 2017 and my go-to nude classic strappy heel. However, a good wedge or high block heel can work as well. I would just steer clear of flip flops or anything that does not have some sort of heel unless you have a true casual Friday.

So, what are you favorite flats? Do you wear flats to the office?

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